• Premiere: TOTEMO's "Heavy As My Dreams"
    "...Her music nicely toes the line between experimental and risky. She hits a minor chord when we're expecting a major one. It’s refreshing." Pigeons and Planes.
  • garden city movement's "LIR" STEREOGUM PREMIERE
    "Another winner from the imminent Bengali Cinema EP. It sounds like waking up from a comfortable slumber only to find yourself still inside a dream state — like Inception with gorgeous echo effects instead of murder and intrigue"
    "Musicially "Host" hangs in that inky space that envelops Massive Attack, Portishead, BANKS, iamamiwhoami, and SOHN, and this track- only her second ever - is a tantalizing, assured, and captivating cut." Noisey
  • Garden city movement's 'Bengali Cinema' PREMIERES on noisey
    "Hazy vocals are layered over a tapestry of drumbeats, guitar riffs, and some good old synth. Chopped up, looped, and pieced back together, the effect could jarring, but realized here, it’s joyous."
  • garden city movement Stereogum premiere: terracotta
    “Tthe Eastern melody that serves as the song’s hook is one of the most graceful and beautiful swashes of sound you’ll encounter this week". Srereogum
    Listen Here
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